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2023 Iowa Nitrogen Initiative Trials
 Help Improve Iowa's Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations   

" Iowa State University is recruiting farmers and certified crop advisers to help improve Iowa's nitrogen fertilizer recommendations to benefit the productivity, profitability, and environmental performance of Iowa agriculture. Participants will join a growing group of Iowa farmers who partner with ISU to better understand nitrogen managements on their own farms and other farms throughout the state." - ISU Department of Agronomy 

To learn more about the Iowa Nitrogen Initiative, grower requirements, the benefits of participating in this trial, how to participate, and project contacts see here: 

and visit the second page of the document. 

Southwest Iowa Farmer Wins Environmental Leader Award  

A Southwest Iowa Farmer, Jerry Laughlin, has received an Environmental Leader Award for his dedication to conservation. Dan Case met with Jerry to learn more about his operation and the benefits he has seen from participating in conservation programs.

"On April 4th in a year with seven-dollar corn and sixteen-dollar beans one would expect to find any farmer in the Midwest topping off the fuel tank of their tractor and greasing the last zerk of their planter preparing themselves to begin the infamous race of who can be finished planting first.  But that day was different.  As I made my way up to Jerry Laughlin’s machine shed, I encountered a completely different and refreshing scene." - Dan Case 

To read the full article click here: 

Abbie Willett Selected as 2022 Scholarship Recipient  

Abbie Willett, a recent graduate of AHSTW has been selected as the 2022 East Pottawattamie SWCD Scholarship winner! Abbie will be attending Doane University in Crete, Nebraska, and plans to major in Biochemistry on a Pre-health track. She will receive a $500 scholarship at the district level. Congratulations Abbie!! 

Education Demonstration at the East Pottawattamie County Fair 

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to bring the Conservation Education Trailer, with the rainfall simulator and stream table, to the East Pottawattamie County Fair!!

We also got the chance to meet and speak with Governor Kim Reynolds about all of the amazing conservation work East Pottawattamie SWCD is doing!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! If you'd like to learn more about the rainfall simulator, the stream table, or things you can do at home to practice conservation, find that below! 

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Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist Quarterly Report  
April- June 2022

Hello! If we have not yet met, my name is Tabitha Panas and I am the new Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Farm Bill Biologist covering Pottawattamie, Harrison, and Shelby counties. My home office is the Council Bluffs Service Center and I began in this role on June 1st. I was able to hit the ground running this past month, as I have been the Farm Bill Biologist previously for Crawford, Carroll, Sac and Ida counties just to the north of this area. This past month I have... 

State Cost Share Funds Now Available for Soil Health and Water Quality Practices


Farmers and landowners can now sign up for cost share funding through the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship to adopt soil health and water quality conservation practices. This program includes planting cover crops, transitioning acres to no-till / strip-till soil management, or applying a nitrification inhibitor. Cost share funding is limited to 160 acres per farmer or landowner, and will be available in July. However, farmers can start submitting applications immediately to their local Soil and Water Conservation District Offices! 

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Women, Land & Legacy Newsletter June 2022


In the June Issue of the Women, Land & Legacy newsletter, you will find a description of the Women, Land & Legacy (WLL) project and how to be involved! You will also find information about future WLL events, an interesting article discussing a study that explored the importance of U.S. female farmers, and upcoming WLL involvement opportunities! 

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Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist
Quarterly Report (April-July)

My major focus this quarter was delivering outreach events.  Of course I still took care of the needs of my producers, but with nice weather and easing of COVID restrictions, I wanted to provide some broader habitat good.  I was able to present at 14 different events this quarter, including the first of my Habitat Help Hour webinar series (discussed below), several habitat booths at local farmers markets.....


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Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI) - May Connections

The Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI) informs, educates, and leads Iowans through our local soil and water conservation districts to promote conservation of natural resources. 

In this issue you can find the Executive Director's Report, updates about the Iowa Envirothon, and see how we celebrated Iowa Soil & Water Conservation Week!


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McGrew Brothers Finding Success in Cover Crop Management

As Steve McGrew climbs out of his sprayer he portrays a sense of confidence and comfort only a veteran cover cropper would have after a cold spring with tall rye. Steve and his brothers Bill, David, Robert, and nephew Bill, planted 1,500 acres of cover crops last Fall on both corn and bean ground. Managing 1,500 acres of cover crops is no small task but Steve has found ways to make it more than manageable. 


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Cover Crop Efforts Continue in Walnut & Indian Creek

Landowners and producers located in the Walnut and Indian Creek watershed will again have the opportunity to participate in a special effort spearheaded by the Iowa Water Quality Initiative and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts located in Shelby, East Pottawattamie, Montgomery, Mills, Page, and Fremont county.


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"Farmers can use state cost share funds to add soil health..."

Mike Naig announced that farmers and landowners can sign up now for state cost share funds to help adopt soil health and water quality practices. The funding can be used for in-field management practices, including planting cover crops, transitioning acres to no-till/strip-till soil management, or applying a nitrification inhibitor.


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Soil and Water Conservation Week 

Iowa Soil and Water Conservation Week is celebrated in conjunction with Stewardship Week, sponsored by the National Association of Conservation Districts. 


Join in the celebration by connecting with the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship:


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Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist - Quarterly Report (April)

Jason Andersen,

The winter months can be tough on morale, but I keep my mood up by using that time for planning projects. This quarter I worked on several project proposals for the spring as well as a bunch of management and burn plans. March was especially busy as producers were gearing up to get to work with the warmer weather... 

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East Pottawattamie County SWCD 2020 Annual Report

It's our favorite time of year! The 2020 Annual Report has been published! Although this past year was filled with uncertainty the East Pottawattamie SWCD has been able to make great strides towards their mission to conserve Iowa's natural resources through leadership, education and technical & financial assistance. Take a read to see what your local Soil and Water Conservation District was up to this year and see some of the new faces they have added to the team! 

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Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist - Quarterly Report (December)

Fall is the time to go to the field - nice weather, few annoying bugs, and lots of plans and wildlife to look at! I was able to get out in the filed quite a bit this quarter, to meet with producers and evaluate seedings. It was also a good opportunity to work on my dormant plant identification skills. Unfortunately, my fun was rudely interrupted by winter... 

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Fiscal Year 2020 At-a-Glance Iowa NRCS 

This document gives a detailed breakdown of the 2020 Fiscal Year Program Accomplishments for he Iowa NRCS. Some of the programs detailed are the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Iowa Conservation Innovation Grants, and other conservation activities. Numbers of grant obligations, contracts, and cost-share practices are divided and displayed by county. 

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Iowa Farm Families Receive Environmental Leader Award

Forty-two Iowa farmers have been selected to receive the 2020 Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig and Department of Natural Resources Director Kayla Lyon recognize these Iowa farm families for taking an active role in the state's ongoing conservation efforts, which rely on farmers, landowners and businesses working together to make a difference.. 


NRCS Obligates Nearly $60 Million to Iowa Farmers

USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) contracted with Iowa farmers and landowners to treat natural resources on more than 316,000 acres, obligating $59.8 million in financial assistance during fiscal year 2020 that ended Sept. 30. NRCS also wrote 12,624 conservation plans that cover 889,071 acres, during fiscal year 2020. The conservation plans will help Iowa farmers reduce soil erosion, improve soil heath and water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and treat other environmental issues. 

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East Pottawattamie County SWCD 2019 Annual Report

The East Pottawattamie Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a subdivision of the Iowa State Government, Conservation Districts of Iowa. It consists of Pottawattamie County's eastern 13 townships and Washington Township. The East Pottawattamie SWCD has a locally elected governing board of commissioners who direct the programs of the District. 

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Pottawattamie County Bridges Stream Sign Project

This project will help educate and identify some of the major streams and watersheds in Pottawattamie County.  Over the past three years, 57 stream signs have been added at bridges throughout our county.  This project has been successful because of cooperation and contributions of many partners, including both East and West Pottawattamie Soil and Water Conservation Districts.


Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.


How do we achieve this mission across more than 45 U.S. states and parts of Canada? Through the dedicated efforts of our: 

-149,000 members 

-Diverse staff including more than 150 wildlife biologists

-More than 700 local chapters   


Want to Become a Commissioner? Here's How!

If you're qualified to vote in a Pottawattamie County general election, you're an eligible candidate for election to the East Pottawattamie County Soil and Water Conservation District board. Each district is governed by five commissioners who are elected at a general elections on a nonpartisan basis for four-year terms. only one commissioner may reside in any single township. You'll need a nominating petition from the county Auditor or SWCD office.  

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