The Team

Commissioners (4- year term)

Don Dilts, Chair – Hazel Dell Twp

David Dittmer – Minden Twp

Russ Goeser – Boomer Twp

Dolores Bristol – Lake Twp

Gary Larson– Hazel Dell Twp


Assistant Commissioners (1-year term)

Mary Nixon               John Hurd

Linda Durick            


     West Pottawattamie Field Office Staff

       Keith Marie Feliciano- Cortes- District Conservationsist

       Brooke Bauer- Conservation Assistant

       Tom Bottoms- NRCS Federal Technician

       Brett Bengard- State Technician

       Jason Andersen- Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist

       Kelsi Solheim- Farm Bill Specialist

       Brad Richardson- Soil Conservationist

       Rafael Gonzalez- Soil Conservationist

How Conservation Districts Work

Conservation districts in Iowa are managed by five commissioners elected on the general ballot in each county.  Each of the five commissioners serve four-year terms and only two commissioner may reside in any single township.  With assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Iowa Department of Agriculture and Stewardship-Division of Soil Conservation and Water Quality, commissioners address the natural resource issues that are most critical in their districts.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of the state government.  Commissioners are responsible for carrying our state laws and programs within district boundaries.  These include:

*Sediment control law          *Conservation cost sharing           *Conservation revolving loan funds

*Water quality protection projects          *Resource enhancement and protection 


Districts also play a key role in carrying out federal programs including, but not limited to:

*Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)           *Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

*Conservation Compliance          *Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)          * Conservation Planning       

Conservation Districts Role