2018 Poster Contest
182 fifth and sixth grade students from Boyer Valley, Logan-Magnolia, Missouri Valley and Woodbine Schools participated in the annual poster contest.  The 2018 theme was "Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home".

2018 1st place poster by Bailee Schmitt from Woodbine

Babetta Lucke, Chairperson, presented the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners their certificates on May 7th at the Woodbine School.  Pictured with Babetta are Bailee Schmitt (1st place winner), Madison Thomas (3rd place winner) and Avery Moores (2nd place winner).

Blue ribbon posters (1st place) (blue ribbon posters are displayed in the office and at the SWCD Fair Booth) :

Top row - Left to right: Bridget Kean, Madelyn Placek, Bailee Schmitt (1st place), Avery Moores (2nd place), Madison Thomas (3rd place)

Middle row - Left to right: Kiera Hocstein, Madison Sporrer, Danyelle Steinkuehler, Shelby Divelbess

Bottom row: Left to right: Owen Wingert, Alivia Porter, Nancy Bowman, Weston Reisz


Red ribbon posters (2nd place)

Top row - left to right: Jersie Springston, Kylee Fogelman, Jersey Gray, Maria Puck, Jackson Tennis

Middle row - left to right: Kaiya Knauss, Charlie Pryor, Kylie Neligh, Anna Jochims, Nicole Olson

Bottom row - left to right: Katlyn Snyder, Hannah Harris, Amanda Newton, Corbin Reisz, Hayden Hall

Red ribbon posters (2nd place)

Left to right: Brooklyn Kline, Ruth Gallo, Lauren Coakley

White ribbon posters (3rd place)

Top row - left to right: Karley Hagge, Kaleb Kuhl, Cooper Petersen, Wesley Fox, Tucker Pape

Middle row - left to right: Nicole Hoefer, Cayne Meeker, Mariah Falkena, Crystal Martinez, Hayley Follmann

Bottom row - left to right: Jackson Harrison, Mia Hansen, Peyton Bell, Hailey Ferris, Olvia Southerland