Friend of Conservation

Lynn Grobe

The East Pottawattamie Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Awards

“Farming the conservation way is not unlike flying Old Glory full mast.  For the man who genuinely loves the soil, there is a sense of pride and security in the land defended well against the ravages of erosion and constant harvest.  As the flag is our emblem of defense against harm from beyond our borders, conservation farming is the pattern for protection against forces, also destructive, within our own land.  We have seen the land resources of our continent squandered.  Working together—all of us—we can continue to prevent needless destruction of the soil.  We can continue to rebuild the wasted land.   We will continue to work at it, we will continue to join hands and oppose careless farming even more effectively than we have before, and we will continue to educate our future generations.   Thank you for your past, present and future dedication to soil and water conservation practices.”


                                   ~East Pottawattamie SWCD 

Ed Kleen 

K.D.G. Brothers

Volunteer Educator

Pat Schoeller

Celebrating 75 years

Celebrating 75 years

2016 Awards Banquet was held on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome…..Bob Zimmerman, SWCD Chair

Invocation….Mike Harvey, Pastor

Introductions……Russ Brandes

Speaker….....James Gulliford

SWCS Executive Director, Retired


Landlord – Tenant…..Keith Hotze

Nancy Hering

Dustin Applegate


Commercial Recognition…Keith Hotze

Farm Service Cooperative


Friend of Conservation…Kami Willett

Lynn Grobe

Special Recognition…Kami Willett


Volunteer Educator….Pete Hobson

Pat Schoeller


SWCD Scholarship…Pete Hobson

Ashley Lees; AHSTW Class of 2016


SWCD Poster Winner…Pete Hobson

Charlotte Parker; AHSTW Class of  2025


Ed Kleen…Bob Zimmerman

75 years……Bernie Bolton

Special Recognition

Harlan Newspapers

"I am a fourth generation farmer.  My father contoured, terraced,and had grassed waterways.  Along came no-till and cover crops in my time.  Nutrient management, grid soil testing, and tissue testing got us to 250 bu yield and even 300 bu.  All these things have happened in the last 50 years, to make the soil more productive.  What can we expect to see for my sons and grandsons? Where can we improve the soil ith all of these practices? I wish I had a crystal ball, but I am sure it will be positive."

Don Applegate, producer

Special Recognition

John Thomas

Commercial Recognition

Farm Service Coop

"I first became interested in The East Pottawattamie SWCD when my uncle, Robert Bingham, was a commissioner, and more so when I became the owner of my family's farm in 1990.  I have implemented many practices on my farm that contribute to the protection and improvement of land and water resources through the guidance and help of the SWCD -- terracing, waterways, tiling, well closures, filter strips and pollinator acres.  A large percentage of the farm land is owned by women, and from personal experience the knowledge and professionalism I receive from the employees and commissioners of The East Pottawattamie SWCD office have helped me and other women gain confidence as they support the sense of pride in our farms.  The women landowner annual tours to witness the different conservation practices, presentations to gain more knowledge and socializing with other women landowners have been beneficial and greatly appreciated.  Thank you! Keep up the good work and again, congratulations!"

Hazel Harvey, landowner



"I remember the first terrace that Dad built because he wanted to straighten the ditch running the length of the farm.  I was told by a neighbor that when we cultivated corn on the contour we formed mini terraces, and I saw that the soil was staying on the hillside and not down in the creek.  

I was not impressed at first with the value of contour farming because I liked the challenge of keeping rows straight when planting up and down hills.  It was not long before my brother and I saw the benefits of terracing, so we worked at getting the home section terraced for mold board plowing.  By then we stared conservation tillae which lead to no-till farming."

Robert L. Stuart, Assistant Commissioner, 1985-1995