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Burn Planning Help Ease Winter Woes

By Jason Andersen, Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist


(It won't burn with snow on the ground, but come spring, this field will be rejuvenated by prescribed fire.)

One of my favorite ways to pass the winter months is by helping producers with planning for prescribed burns. Most farmers understand the benefits of fire, but many aren't comfortable with the implementation of fire on their own - they need assistance, and that's something I'm apply to help with.

Promoting safe and effective fire continues to be one of my top priorities in my job. Whether its answering simple questions, sketching on a map to show where to put firebreaks, or writing a detailed burn plan, I'm always glad to help get producers what they need. If you would like technical assistance with planning for a prescribed burn, please contact me at the Harlan USDA Service Center at (712) 755-2417, extension 3.

(Burning of CRP Land)


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