The East Pottawattamie Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) houses rental equipment! 

“Area landowners need to be aware of the resources available in our District,” said Bernie Bolton, SWCD Commissioner.  “We house a no-till drill, a terrace seeder, and a fabric layer. There is no significant rent charged for use of these items, the District charges only for maintenance purposes.”

Producers are charged $15 per check strip (over 20' wide is $20 per check strip),  $20 per day rent without District fabric to use the Fabric Layer and $12.50 per acre for the No-Till Drill.  


The Commissioners invite landowners to visit the SWCD office and speak with the staff.  Before field work picks up, it would be good to review plans and see if any new conservation practices are needed.  There are state and local cost share funds available to install terraces, waterways, and various other conservation practices.  With planning assistance, cost share availability, and equipment provided, what’s holding you back?

No-Till Drill

The No-Till Drill, 10' wide, allows a farmer to plant seed without disturbing the soil on top of the ground.

Air Seeder

The Air Seeder is pulled behind a tractor and throws seed on newly constructed terraces.

Fabric Layer

The Fabric Layer is used to install strips of fabric across areas where water concentrates, slowing the water down and preventing gully erosion.