We Don't Own This Ground

When we hear SWCD, what do we think of? Soil Conservation, Water Conservation, ponds, waterways, CRP, terraces, no till, strip till, cover crops, etc.  How often do we think of education as a large piece of this giant puzzle?

Education is one of the foundations of the entire process.  First thing that comes to mind is Becky educating us on the paperwork.  Second, would be Terry explaining the options of different practices to accomplish our goals, not to forget the behind the scenes help of Kayle, Dave and Jessica who are thee to help do some of the paper and leg work to get the projects moving. 

But let's go back even further.  How about a rather unique program we have here in East Pottawattamie SWCD, an education program that starts in preschools and currently goes all the way up to the 6th grade with plans to grow to the high schools.  Why you ask? Wouldn't we all be farther ahead today if we had known that it takes 10,000 years to rebuild 1 inch of topsoil, or that organic matter translates into available nitrogen, or even that phosphorus and potash attaches to and moves with soil particles?   Having an education program from the early stages just makes good common sense.

It doesn't stop there however. 


How many women have become landowners one way or another, but haven't had the opportunity to learn what a valuable commodity they have? The women landowners tours gives them an avenue to learn more about what they have, ways to maintain, and even improve what they have in a peer setting while still having a day out.  

Education is important.  If you ever stop learning, we had just as well fold our hand and back out of the game because we have a losing hand...

We have come a long way in 75 years, BUT we still have a long way to go.  One new innovation, one terrace, one waterway, one grade stabilization structure, one whatever at a time, means moving forward and taking the next step.  Remember, it all starts with education!


Bob Zimmerman

Commissioner, Chair

Contact Paige Volkens; Education Coordinator

for programs of all ages PreK-adult swcdeducoordinator@gmail.com or call 712-482-6408